Talent Training

Why choose the Anchormen Academy

In the High Potential Program we offer a one-year contract to recent graduates of IT related studies. During this year the graduates work as a trainee four days a week at your location and one day a week at our office in Amsterdam where they will follow various technical trainings. Our senior specialists guide the trainees and review their work. The practical experience that the trainees obtain from our senior employees is decisive for their data growth. After one year, you can hire them as regular employees without having to pay extra fees.

The High Potential Program in short

  • The program is an agreement between Anchormen, you, and the trainee (with a minimum term of one year).
  • The perfect trainee is selected after a number of assessments and interviews in order to find the best fit.
  • Four days a week, the trainee will work at your office and a fixed training day will take place 1 day every week at our office in Amsterdam.
  • Suitable client employees may also participate in the training program at a reasonable fee.
  • Quality Assurance checks on the trainee’s work are conducted by Anchormen’s senior experts.
  • After one year, it is possible to hire the trainee without having to pay a compensation fee.

For more information check out the brochures below:

Big Data Engineering

Download the brochure about our Big Data Engineering program to get a more detailed overview of the curriculum.

Data Science & A.I.

Download the brochure about our Data Science & A.I. program to get a more detailed overview of the curriculum.