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Visiting Maartje at Ster

Last month, we visited our colleague Maartje at Ster. As part of the High Potential Program, Maartje started working at Ster earlier this year. Ster is a company that broadcasts commercials on Dutch national radio and television by selling the broadcasting space to companies that want to advertise. Ster had a lot of data about audience ratings, but didn’t really know what to do with it. After an inspiring kick-off workshop, led by Senior Data Scientists of Anchormen, Ster was able to put together an interesting assignment for Maartje. She is now working on prediction models for audience ratings, which enables Ster to sell the available advertisement space smarter and more efficient.

Both Maartje and Ster are very happy with the High Potential Program (HPP). For Maartje, the HPP is a perfect way to bridge the gap between her PhD at the Utrecht Institute of Linguistics and the business world. Because Maartje is being trained by professors and senior experts of Anchormen, Ster does not have to take care of that. This enables Ster to hire a Data Scientist like Maartje and create value out of their data after all.

Want to know more about the High Potential Program and discover what it can do for your career or your business? Read about the program and contact us!

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