data science at vitens

Visiting Sjoerd and Roland at Vitens

One of the first companies signing up for the High Potential Program is Vitens, the largest drinking water company in The Netherlands. In September 2016, Sjoerd started as the first trainee at Vitens, and Roland joined him 8 months later. As part of the High Potential Program, Sjoerd and Roland are being trained and coached to help Vitens take the next step in managing the intelligent pipeline network. This 9.000 kilometre long pipeline network in the province of Friesland has been equipped with sensors to improve the monitoring and management of the water supply network. It’s Vitens ambition to create a data-driven water supply system using innovate sensor technology and open data and models. By using smart data analysis, Vitens plans to reduce energy consumption, improve the water quality and detect interruptions real-time while keeping customers better informed.

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