Technical Summer Classes


Academy Summer Classes

After our largely successful Summer School Program in 2018, and with the successful launch of the Anchormen Academy, we saw the growing interest and need for more educational and inspirational initiatives.

Join one of our Academy classes for a day and develop your data knowledge.

This year we are offering the chance to join one of our Friday classes at our office in Amsterdam and inspire you to start your data journey or expand your knowledge.

Nothing is out of reach!

Summer Class Program

Date Topic Description
17 May Visualization Plotting data
24 May Python ML Basics I Introduction to ML
07 June Python ML Basics II ML pipelines and optimization
14 June Python ML Basics III Scoring ML models
28 June Data Handling & Visualization with R How to work with R
05 July Recommender Systems Recommender systems
12 July Anomaly Detection Automatically recognizing irregularities
19 July Kubernetes I Theory and practice of the container technology
26 July Kubernetes II Prometheus, Istio, Helm, and Kuberflow

*It is possible to follow all three of the Python ML Basics lessons.

What is our offer:
  • Wide range of classes.
  • Full day of training and coaching as well as the chance to ask any questions you might have.
  • Personal consultation in order to choose the best lessons for you as well as the possibility to follow multiple lecture dates.
  • A fun and educational Friday with lunch and drinks provided.

The Summer Classes are now closed.