Anchormen Accelerator Program

Accelerate your growth to Medior Machine Learning Engineer

The Anchormen Accelerator program allows you to grow into a medior Machine Learning Data Engineer position in only 2 years with the help of an intensive trainee program combining projects and classes. Have you graduated or are you about to graduate from your study or complete your PhD? Join the Anchormen team! We are looking for graduates and young professionals who want to accelerate their data career.

Accelerators join a 2-year program in which they combine working on projects for clients of Anchormen with attending Academy classes on Friday. During 4 days, you work on real-live data sets and solve actual business cases from the Anchormen office or at location of the client. Coached and supervised by senior data specialists, you grow into a medior Machine Learning Engineer position with more autonomy.

The benefits for you

  • Accelerate your data career and become a medior specialist in 2 years
  • Combine projects for clients with extensive training
  • Specialize in the technology of the future
  • Receive training from the best data specialists in the field
  • Improve your personal and soft-skills through coaching
  • Be surrounded by like-minded peers and build a broad network

Currently, no new program is scheduled to start in 2020. Only people with a background in A.I. and Computer Science will be accepted.

What you can expect

You will join the Anchormen team and work on projects and business cases from the Anchormen office. In the first year of the Accelerator Program, you attend the weekly Friday classes to receive training from senior data specialists and work on practical assignments.

In addition to technological expertise, our trainees are guided and coached for personal and soft-skills. Senior Data Experts of Anchormen serve as your sparring partner, and coach and supervise your projects. The combination of training on the latest technology, practical experience and coaching, will boost your personal and professional growth. After your first year of traineeship, you choose a specialization path from a selection of high-quality tracks in Engineering and Data Science. At the end of year 2, you have acquired the necessary technical, professional and personal skills and will be promoted to medior Machine Learning or Data Engineer/Science.

Anchormen Graduates

Connect to your peers and be surrounded by like-minded people. One of the values of the Anchormen Academy is to grow your network and build connections for life. Anchormen has been training data experts since 2016. Read about their experience here.