high potential program

New High Potential Program starts February 17, 2017

After a successful first part of the High Potential Program, a new program starts on February 17, 2017. Together with new clients and candidates, topics like customer intelligence analytics, web analytics, Natural Language Processing and A.I. Chatbot technology will be discussed.

The High Potential Program is especially for recent graduates that want to develop themselves further in the area of data science and artificial intelligence. During the program, the candidates work as a trainee at the client four days a week. Senior big data engineers, data scientists and A.I. experts of Anchormen guide the trainees and assess the work delivered to ensure the highest quality possible.

On Fridays, the candidates are present at our office in Amsterdam, Baarn or Groningen to follow various technical trainings. The Anchormen Data Science and A.I. team explain the algorithms with an appropriate real-life case. In this case, the data, code, model, output and business implementation will be discussed, to build a bridge between theory and practice.

Want to know more about the High Potential Program, the candidates or in following the program? Send an email to info@anchormen.nl and we’ll contact you, or give us a call at +31 20 773 1972.