prediction model for boarding times

Predicting Boarding Times at Transavia Hackathon

On March 31st, two teams of our High Potential Program will participate in the Transavia Data Science hackathon. Transavia invited 20 companies and universities to participate in the hackathon, aiming to work on a prediction model for boarding times.

Being on time is one of the most important performance indicators of the airline, showing the reliability of the airline and having a major impact on the experience of the passengers. Unfortunately, boarding time, the time that’s needed to bring passengers on board, is a major cause of delay, so it would be very beneficial if the boarding time could be predicted!

Among other teams, two teams consisting of participants of our High Potential Program will compete on Friday March 31st at Hangar 5 at Schiphol Airport. Transavia will open up their data to work on, making it a very interesting and challenging hackathon to join!