Start: ‘Advanced Machine Learning’ Program

As of September 2016, Anchormen started the High Potential Program. The High Potential Program is especially for recent graduates that want to develop themselves further in the area of data science and artificial intelligence.

In the High Potential Program of Anchormen, you learn how to work with real-world data streams in 1 year. The practical experience of senior big data engineers, data scientists and artificial intelligence (A.I.) experts is decisive to let the High Potential trainees grow in real-world big data issues. The first 5 training courses have taken place already, now the courses focus on more in-depth knowledge.

Marco Wiering (Assistant Professor A.I. University of Groningen) and Sanne Korzec (A.I. Machine Learning expert) are responsible for the Advanced Machine Learning tracks.

The coming months, the program will focus on important algorithms. Per algorithm, the theory will be discussed by Marco and Sanne. The Anchormen Data Science and A.I. team explains the algorithms with an appropriate real-life case. In this case, the data, code, model, output and business implementation will be discussed, to build a bridge between theory and practice.

Start Advanced Machine Learning program: 28 October 2016

Are you also interested and do you want to follow the entire program, or just a part of it? Then send an email to to sign up.